Monday, May 04, 2009

Casa de Vallejo Update

After driving by the forlorn-looking Casa de Vallejo the other day, I asked the City Manager for an update on its renovation following last year's fire:

Jules Arthur, Chief Operating Officer of the Amerland Group (the owners of the Casa de Vallejo), provided an update on the status of the project. The actual work on the structure has not begun yet because of the time involved in plan preparation, as well as the delay in approval of payments from the insurance company and lenders. Ameriland indicated that they received bids for work on the lower portion of Casa de Vallejo, and a contractor will be chosen within the next couple of weeks. They project it will be ready for occupancy by late summer. The tower portion of the building received extensive fire damage. Ameriland projects that the tower portion will be ready for occupancy sometime in 2010. Mr. Arthur has committed to provide staff with bi-monthly updates as the work progresses, which I'll post here.

I'd like to see the plans for the renovation, and expect that the historic integrity of the Casa de Vallejo will be maintained.