Monday, April 13, 2009

SB 250 -- the Pet Responsibility Act

SB 250 is a bill authored by Sen. Majority Leader Dean Florez that would require Californians to spay and neuter their pets -- or if they choose not to, they'll be required to get a license. Vallejo took in over 4,000 lost and abandoned animals last year. Only 1,000 of them went into homes. The money we spend on sheltering and euthanasia could definitely be better spent in our community. Please help support this bill. Our pets and our taxpayer dollars depend on it. The first vote on SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act is this Wednesday, April 15 at 11:00 a.m. in the Senate Local Government Committee. Before Wednesday morning, please call the five committee members and ask them to support SB 250. If you can only make one call, please call the Chair, Senator Patricia Wiggins. Senator Patricia Wiggins (Chair) (916) 651-4002 Senator Dave Cox (Vice-Chair) (916) 651-4001 Senator Samuel Aanestad (916) 651-4004 Senator Christine Kehoe (916) 651-4039 Senator Lois Wolk (916) 651-4005